About Me...


Hey, I’m Hass. I want to tell you a little about myself. I have worked in or around IT for all of my working life, I studied IT through college and went to work full time in IT shortly after completing college.

When I started out after finishing college I spent some of my time creating and configuring background systems for websites including integrations with MySQL DB and PHP. I have spent most of my website knowledge learning about new PHP versions and MySQL database managed sites and integrations.

During the last couple of years I created a few sites including my own ItsHass.UK and also working on a few sub-sites like DynamicWebForms Where you can dynamically create forms to put onto your website and have the data collated in a central place and even emailed to you, Site-Cloud which is a hosted site with modules and page creation with a content editing system.

Since 2019 I’ve been working in a new organisation which had very little In the way of custom applications to support the business and make life easier. During my time at the present company I’ve developed various applications to support in the IT service desk and also to support project and deployment teams. I’ve created this software using a mixture of .NET VB and C# with MS-SQL databases.

I also continue to create useful applications to similar implement automations of some procedures to simplify the task. These you can find on my SourceForge pages.